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  • Homeowner Challenges HOA Board and Requests Vinyl Windows

    February 27 2012

    COLUMBUS, OHIO – When Daniel and Cathleen Martini purchased a second home in the Moraga Country Club community, they envisioned peaceful days spent close to family members. Instead, they found themselves immediately embroiled in a battle with the local homeowners association to gain approval on their selection of Simonton Windows® to replace nearly 40-year-old leaky single pane metal frame windows.

    “We knew when buying this property that replacing the non-functioning and unsafe windows and sliding patio doors was a major priority,” says Daniel Martini. “Our intention was to enhance the overall property immediately so it would be an asset to the community. There’s simply no way we envisioned the stressful three-month delay in gaining approval of the Simonton products we selected for this home improvement project.”

    Eager to find energy-efficient, low maintenance and aesthetically-appealing replacement products for their newly-purchased home, Martini carefully researching his options before applying for approval on his product selection. “We determined Simonton Windows to be of superior quality, construction and safety,” says Martini. “The Simonton Windows products are rated number one in the industry by J.D. Power and Associates and the choice of many home builders and remodelers. We thought this was a no-brainer and requested approval from the architectural committee.”

    Martini was stunned to receive not just one, but several subsequent denials for his request. “The committee denied our request because Simonton was not listed as an ‘approved’ window company for the community,” says Martini. “Unbelievably, there was only one vinyl window manufacturer on the approved list, and our research showed that specific company produces products far below standards to the Simonton products. This simply didn’t make sense to us.”

    Determined to have only the best windows in his home, Martini pursued an appeal through several meetings, lengthy e-mails and phone conversations. “I was so determined to invest my money in the best windows for our home that I was considering legal counsel if they turned me down one more time,” says Martini. “There was no reason for them to approve an inferior product when I was eager to purchase the industry’s best products for our home.”

    The outcome? At a September meeting, the Moraga Country Club, which has 521 private residences in its community, finally gave permission for Martini to install the five casement windows and two sliding doors manufactured by Simonton.

    “This was hard-fought victory that didn’t make sense,” says Martini. “Vinyl windows are the top-selling type of replacement windows in the country. In this particular case, we feel that the homeowners association is woefully behind-the-times and needs to update their product knowledge for the benefit of our entire community.”

    With the work complete, the Martinis, who have become advocates in their community for top-quality vinyl windows and doors, can finally relax. “We believe in the Simonton products that are now in our home,” says Martini. “It was well worth the fight to have a product we are confident will provide us with years of comfortable living.”

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